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A recent article published by the Scottsdale Independent last week looked at how the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) in the city has been giving animals in their care CBD products from Phyto Animal Health to help them with a range of issues.

“Quality of life for the mountain lion has reportedly improved, along with some other animals at the Scottsdale facility, after using the CBD oil product similar to that used by people seeking alternative health treatments such as medicinal marijuana and other hemp-based products,” the article reads.

Since last fall, the SWCC has been administering Vitality-X™, a CBD oil product donated by Phyto Animal Health to several of its residents, including an 18 year old mountain lion named Cascabel. This sweet, one-eyed mountain lion suffers from arthritis as she ages, making it difficult for her to get around.

“Within two months, the caretakers are reporting a 50-60% improvement on her limp and (Cascabel) is now more playful with the other mountain lions. The caretakers are super creative and mix our Vitality-X into her favorite daily snack — meatballs,” Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn said in the article.

Originally designed to work for domestic pets like dogs and cats, CBD products from Phyto Animal Health can be used for nearly all mammals, including livestock animals and rescue animals like big cats, bears, and more.

Pet owners around the world are learning about the advantages of CBD products for themselves, as well as themselves, but they have concerns before giving something new to their pet. According to the article, “Questioning the ‘unconventional health care,’ Mr. Quinn said many people ask if their pet can ‘get high’ from the product.”

“No. CBD is non-psychoactive and non-toxic. It is not about getting high. It’s about health,” Quinn continued.

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