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Phyto Animal Health recently launched our new sponsorship program with an ongoing donation of CBD products to a wildlife rescue organization.

Since last fall, Phyto Animal Health has been donating our Vitality-X™, Vitality™ 500, and Vitality™ 1700 Oral Concentrate CBD products to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center to give to the animals under the organization’s care. This donation is part of our new sponsorship program, providing CBD education and CBD products to animal rescues and similar organizations.

Since 1994, the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, has rescued and rehabilitated wildlife that have been injured, displaced, or orphaned, returning the animals back to the wild when possible and providing long term care when necessary. Animals rescued by their team include bears, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, tortoises, and more. The organization also educates their community about the importance of conservation and coexisting with native animals and ecosystems. 

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center has so far administered Vitality-X™ daily to a trio of animals in their care: an aging black bear, and two mountain lions, including an 18 year old one-eyed mountain lion named Cascabel, who receives her CBD added to her raw meatballs each day.

After poor Cascabel was orphaned by a poacher who killed her mother, she was taken to live in a cage in someone’s backyard. By the time she was brought to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Cascabel was suffering from malnutrition due to an improper diet. A punctured eye that was allowed to get infected by her previous owners had to be removed shortly after arriving at the wildlife rescue.

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Thanks to the care of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Cascabel has lived to the age of 18, already 5 years longer than the top most life expectancy of mountain lions in the wild. With so many health issues and her advanced age, Phyto Animal Health saw Cascabel as a perfect candidate for CBD, and we had to help if we could.

Although full recovery for Cascabel was never expected, within weeks of beginning use, she started showing improved comfort and mobility. The staff at the sanctuary have expressed their joy over seeing this cherished member of their family experience an improvement in her quality of life.

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Phyto Animal Health’s mission is to use sustainable hemp to enhance the health of the planet and the health of the animals that live on it. If you run an animal rescue or similar organization and would like to inquire about Phyto Animal Health’s sponsorship program, contact us at (619) 344-0462 or [email protected]

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