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In a recent article exploring the effects of cannabis and specifically CBD on pets, The Guardian featured Phyto Animal Health and our efforts to put healthy, safe CBD products into the hands of pet owners and veterinarians for the animals in their lives.

According to The Guardian, “Pet owners who are curious about CBD are still largely on their own. Few veterinarians know much about it; it’s not taught in US veterinary schools.” This is a big reason why Phyto Animal Health has undertaken a campaign to educate pet owners, veterinarians, and pet store owners about the many health benefits of CBD and the advantages of CBD products from the Phyto Animal Health store. This grassroots effort includes local speaking engagements, customer Q&As, product donations to animal rescue organizations, and even hands on volunteering.

Phyto Animal Health prides itself on developing only safe and reliable CBD products for your animals at home. “As leaders of the CBD pet supplement industry, we believe it is imperative that companies follow best manufacturing practices and are transparent with third party lab testing to ensure potency and efficacy. The higher quality the product tests does not have to translate to higher prices. In fact, it should translate into savings. With accurate, potent measurements you can achieve the desired effect and outcome with less, not more,” according to Phyto Animal Health founder and CEO Ian Quinn.

A member of the Phyto Animal Health Veterinary Advisory Board, Stephen Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VTS-Lab Animal, was interviewed for the piece to offer his expertise on CBD for pets, including discussing increased availability and a shifting public perception.

The article reads, “Stephen Cital, a veterinary technician who advises the CBD company Phyto Animal Health, predicts that as access improves, more of the compounds found in cannabis will be incorporated into animal treatment, paralleling growing interest in these chemicals for humans. He said cannabis has been tested on 24 species, including birds, reptiles and invertebrates.”

Phyto Animal Health believes that all pets should be able to benefit from CBD supplements like those in our online store. Quinn said, “We understand that cost can be a big concern for pet owners. This is why Phyto Animal Health offers several delivery options at affordable price points – to make sure that we have not priced anyone out of the market. No one should have to choose between affording the care their loved one needs or not. We must also consider that with the ongoing shortage of opiates in veterinary hospitals it is important that pet owners can still access products to support pain management at the home without breaking the bank.”

You can read the full article here.

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