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We are constantly working to make our line of CBD products more widely available to pet owners looking to improve their pet’s health and wellness. With this goal in mind, Phyto Animal Health has signed a distribution agreement with Liiv Organics to sell our CBD products on their website.

“We are thrilled to sign this agreement with Liiv Organics and bring our high-quality line of hemp CBD animal products to a company that puts natural health and wellness first,” said Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn. “Our company is excited to expand our distribution reach and expand access to many new customers across the nation.”

Through this distribution license, Liiv Organics will sell Phyto Animal Health’s Bacon Apple Donut CBD treats and Vitality™ and Vitality-X™ CBD liquids. Liiv Organics will exclusively sell Phyto Animal Health products, no longer carrying other CBD pet brands except their own.

“Liiv Organics chose to partner with Phyto Animal Health because of the mutual belief that health and wellness comes first and because the company offers only the highest-quality products,” said Liiv Organics Co-Owner Daniel Walton.

Liiv Organics is a CBD manufacturer and distributor based in Newport Beach, CA. The company provides a wide range of CBD products crafted with natural and organically grown ingredients. All the products they offer on their site, including those from Phyto Animal Health, are thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe.

“We are confident that Phyto Animal Health’s line of animal products will gain popularity among our customers and provide their pets with the CBD needed to live more enriched lives,” said Liiv Organics Co-Owner Christian Lepore.

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