CBD for pets

Phyto Animal Health will continue its grassroots campaign to spread awareness for the advantages of CBD for pets and to educate pet owners on how their pets can benefit from a Phyto Animal Health daily CBD supplement.

As part of this outreach to pet owners, we will be hosting a Q&A at the Carlsbad Pet & Feed 2nd Anniversary Celebration in Carlsbad, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. — 2 p.m.

During the event, attendees will get the chance to ask questions and hear from Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn about the benefits of CBD for pets.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to speak at this event and educate people on the many benefits of CBD for animals,” said Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn. “We also hope to network with local consumers to spread awareness about our eco-conscious, veterinarian-recommended product line.”

Phyto Animal Health will also be offering a buy one, get one free discount on its Bacon Apple Donuts treats at the event and visitors will have the opportunity to meet Ian and his dog Dante.

“We are thrilled Phyto Animal Health is able to host a Q&A at our exciting milestone event,” said Carlsbad Pet & Feed owner Karen Moore. “We have a similar vision to improve the wellbeing of animals and I hope this event will empower consumers and veterinarians to consider trying CBD products after becoming more educated about their potential benefits.”

Phyto Animal Health offers several lines of CBD hemp oil supplements including tinctures, treats and concentrates for cats, dogs and horses. CBD hemp oil has been researched by top veterinarians for cardiovascular, pain management, orthopedic and mental health in animals.

Want to learn more about Phyto Animal Health, our mission of Healthy Pets, Happy Planet, and our line of hemp and CBD products for pets on our news feed.

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