CBD for pets

CBD has become one of the hottest new health trends in the pet industry, giving owners the chance to naturally promote wellness in their pets. However, despite its soaring popularity, many still have questions about CBD, its safety, and how it can be used to promote pet health.

Phyto Animal Health has developed a comprehensive Pet Guide to help pet owners get the most out of CBD products for their pets and livestock animals and to answer common questions.

Our Pet Guide covers topics like CBD basics, the types of animals that can use CBD, and the health benefits of CBD for pets. You’ll learn what veterinarians have to say about CBD, how to introduce the topic of CBD to your pet’s caregiver, and best practices for administering CBD to your animals at home.

You’ll also be introduced to Phyto Animal Health’s line of CBD products, designed specifically for the needs of your pet. These products include our popular HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts, full spectrum Vitality™ CBD oil, and THC-free Vitality-X™.

You can download Phyto Animal Health’s free Pet Guide here: Phyto Animal Health Pet Guide

Want to learn more about the advantages of CBD products from Phyto Animal Health? Visit our blog, or shop our online store if you are ready to try CBD for your animals at home.

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