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How Do I Give CBD to My Horses and Other Livestock?

It is simple to supplement your livestock animal’s diet with Vitality-X™ CBD oil products from Phyto Animal Health. Over 5 […]

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What are Vets Saying About CBD?

Here’s a look at what vets are saying about CBD and whether it’s a safe and beneficial supplement for your […]

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Adding CBD to Your Cat’s Food

Phyto Animal Health’s CBD oil supplements can be mixed right into your cat’s favorite food. Every day, more cat owners […]

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5 Things to Know About Phyto’s Product Quality

Phyto Animal Health has strict quality standards that ensure the integrity of all our hemp-derived products. Since its start, Phyto […]

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CBD and a Healthy Weight in Pets

CBD supplements can support your pet’s endocannabinoid system and encourage wellness as you help them reach and maintain a healthy […]

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How to Give Pet Vitality™ CBD Liquids to Your Dog

Here are 4 easy ways to give your dog their daily serving of CBD with Phyto Animal Health’s Pet Vitality™ […]

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At What Age Should I Start My Pet on CBD?

Pets of all ages can enjoy the natural wellness properties of CBD oil supplements. More and more, pet owners are […]

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The Best All-Natural Supplements for Dogs

Many dog owners have found that all-natural supplements can help encourage health in their furry family members. When it comes […]

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How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

Here is how you can dial in on the right serving of CBD for your pet. We know what question comes next after deciding to start your pet on CBD

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The Top 5 Benefits of CBD for Cats

CBD interacts with your cat’s native systems to naturally promote balance and wellness.

More and more cat owners are turning to daily CBD supplements to support the health and wellbeing of their furry family member.

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